22 May

On Friday 19 May (the date was finally established) the Inter-college Battle of the Bands took place at the UWA Tavern (the Tav). The event was a resounding success with the Tav reaching its 500 person capacity just 30 minutes after opening the doors.

The room was alive with college spirit – face paint, college shirts and chants were all present.

University Hall Resident’s Club (ResClub) member Jessica Baker commented, “the set up looks way cooler than last year, so I’m excited.” Noah Chapman and Lewis Martyn reported similar sentiments before the show started.

In the University Hall (UniHall) band we had singers Kylana McIntosh, Montana Baddley and Tahlia Gibson; on bass James Shepherd; lead guitarist Sanathraj Rajandran; guitarist Ben Isaksen; pianist Ziwei Mao and drummer Robert Xiang.

The band transformed UniHall’s aptly designed ‘So Fresh – Greatest Hits’ 2017 Fresher shirts into tank tops for an edgy, fearsome vibe and wore heavy make-up for added grunge – apart from James who claimed perfection as his reason for being fresh-faced. The set list was chosen on a pub classics basis to get the crowd dancing, the set list had songs by The Kooks, The Killers and New Radicals.

Of course, nothing ever goes as planned. Sanathraj’s guitar string broke before the first song had started and then Ben’s went during the first song, leaving the band to improvise. UniHall did a fantastic job at keeping the crowd occupied with James going shirtless and Kylana delivering a smashing performance of CeeLo Green’s ‘Forget You’ while the boys sorted out their instruments. Eventually the performance was resumed as normal.

Due to several technical malfunctions UniHall came fifth but we all still enjoyed the event. Props to St George’s College for coming first and to all of the other colleges for their highly entertaining performances throughout the night.

Written by UniHall Reporter Brodie 

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