26 Nov

University Hall (UniHall) has been working with Professor Ted Snell and the UWA Cultural Precinct and to provide a variety of Australian Indigenous artworks to display at the Hall.

UniHall is proud of their connections with Indigenous Australia and the opportunity to showcase artwork from the Watarra, Martumili, Warburton and Papulankutja communities. These unique pieces reflect the richness and diversity of Indigenous culture and the differentiation between tribes, languages, dialects and geographic landscapes.

Some of the artworks the Hall has the privilege of showcasing include:

Artist Artwork
Beryl Jimmy Kapi Tjukula 2013
Bugai Whyoulter Untitled
Bugai Whyoulter Tiwa
Bukina Burton Ngankarrl, Yarlkarrily & Puwiny Rock Holes
Bunbudgee Gordon Watt Leg Mark Design
Gurrdaji Reggie Robertson Headband
Joseph Watt Dibirdibi Totem
June Wilberforce Untitled
Mabel Wakarta Untitled
Maringka Baker Minyma Tjuta Nyinanya 2004
Mary Magdalene Untitled
Mary Magdalene Untitled
Pungkai Mary Kampurarr Piti
Mintaya Ward Seven Sisters 2004
Mulyatingki Marney Windmia
Nola Bennet Collecting Emu Eggs
Robert Woods Pukara
Teddy Edwards APY Country
Tim Hogan Lake Baker
Tumu Tumu Watson Untitled
Winston Mitchell Ngaturn


These pieces are currently displayed in our new buildings and will hopefully be available soon for postgraduate students to loan and hang in their room. UniHall thanks all parties who helped make this project a reality.

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