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University Hall alumnus and UWA colleague Dr Grant Landers in the spotlight!

How did you come to be a resident at the Hall?

As a resident of Esperance and a student at Esperance Senior High School, continuing on to tertiary education required a move to the city – 700km away – and finding somewhere to call a “home away from home”. During Years 11 and 12 I had the opportunity to stay a couple of nights at Currie Hall with friends from home and I was excited about the prospect of joining them in the coming years.

What did you study at University?

While I lived at Currie I competed a BSc (Honours) majoring in what was then Human Movement (now the School of Sport Science, Exercise and Health). I then went on to complete a PhD.

How were you involved in Hall life?

I don’t think there was much I wasn’t involved in while at college. I arrived the year after we had won Nich Cup and college spirit was enormous! Having a love of sport made it easy to become involved in this part of college life with a different sport being contested every other week.

 Being under 18 limited my social activities during my first semester, but in hindsight this was probably a good thing as I managed to get off to a good start as a student. I lived in the dungeons of the A100s and was awarded the Ralph Pervan scholarship in my first semester.

 During my second and third years I was a Currie Hall sports rep and intercollege sports council president and at this time I resided in the double room in A200s. In my final year at CH I had the pleasure of being the President of the Res Club and lived directly above the Res Club storeroom in E house (which no longer exists, having been demolished and reborn as K House ground floor in the new Hall). During this year residents saw many changes with an increase in the number of floor group activities, reinstating the class to the garden party (port bottling) and holding the presidents cocktail party. 

 I have attached my Presidents Report from 1998 which will bring back some memories for those of you who were at the Hall at that time.

What are your fondest memories of living at the Hall?

I made so many friends (including my no wife Holly Bruse who was a Sports Rep on the Res Club), and met people from around the world. I enjoyed helping new students in their transition into tertiary education and if I think about where memories were made the following things come to mind:

 Intercollege sport,  sports drinks, boat races and the time trials to select the teams,

The fresher photo – it was always a winner Naked Tai Chi on the Stirling highway median strip, the party room and the many activities that preceded a visit to this room Pondings,

The Currie Hall gym and the large volume of testosterone it housed Car Rally, Half-court basketball before and after dinner, Simpsons Res Club awards, Port bottling (later known as the “Garden Party”), Wine tour,            Minskys

Where there any particular people who stand out in your memory?

My wife of course! Looking back there are so many people who had an impact on my life during my four4 years at the Hall or stand out for various reasons – usually it was because of their complete engagement with college life. I am sure if I were to name them there would be many I would miss out. However, as is the tradition, not many of them had real names eg Gardo, pig, scoey, hogget, yeti, little jeff, big jeff, guts, sparky, the bear, ferret, broomy. But there were also the Ladies in E Set, the Boys in C House, the crew in D House and then there was M House.

The admin and RA staff from Pinoli (who from all accounts ran the hall from M House), Bruce Mackintosh and Daryl Foster to Brian and Janette Blanksby, Nazim Khan, Graham Chandler, Nick and Chris Randall, Helen and Malcom Gilby all had very positive influences on my life and my time at Currie.

Can you share a bit about your life since moving away from the Hall?

After leaving Currie Hall I completed a PhD and began teaching at UWA in the School of Sport Science Exercise & Health. Apart from my academic appointment I have been heavily involved in triathlon both at a university and national level and have had the pleasure of working with the UWA triathlon club since 2003 which has had its own rewards – Life Membership, UWA Sport Coach of the year in 2008 and 2010 and the Australian University Sport Coach of the year in 2010.

In 2012 I was fortunate enough to act as a guide for a blind triathlete at the World Championships in London. I have coached a world champion and other state &and national representatives and travelled the world with the sport. It has been fantastic to see each person achieve their goals whether it be completing an event, to winning, finishing a degree or learning to run again after breaking their neck.

I spent three years competing in two day adventure racing events around the world representing UWA and Australia.

I married Holly, who I met while at college and we now have 3 wonderful kids.

Is there anything else you would like to share with your fellow alumni?

Dum vivimus vivamus

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