02 Jun

University Hall (UniHall) has around 750 students, a couple of these being familiar Residential Advisor (RA) and Residents’ Club (ResClub) faces. However, what about the remaining 700 students? In the rush of our busy, everyday University lives, the time we spend at UniHall becomes some sort of a routine. We can end up socialising around the same group of people, too awkward and occupied to make effort to interact other unfamiliar faces. So, this fortnightly segment, featuring residents that don’t fall under the RA or ResClub category, will give us an opportunity to get to know one of our neighbours from A to Z. Our first guest is Ruolin Qin, a second year medical sciences student and a member of our Academic Team:

a) On a scale of 1 to 10, how excited about life are you right now? I’d say a nine. Although it’s busy times, with exams coming up so soon, I have a lot of things planned for the holidays. I’m going to Rottnest with some of my UniHall friends, the NAAUC (residential students conference) and on a Teach Learn Grow field trip.

b) Favourite movie in the last two years? The German movie Das Leben der Anderen. Honestly, I’m an old soul when it comes to movies; I like them historical and classic. I really enjoyed this movie because not only was it historically based, it was also accurate. It described the time straight after World War Two when Germany was divided into two during the Cold War. Watching the oppressed man gain liberation was truly enlightening.

c) A book you plan on reading? The Book Thief, I’ve heard it’s really good and fits in with my passion for history.

d) Favourite TV show that’s currently on? 13 Reasons Why; I volunteer for the Doctor Yes program, in which I teach students about mental health. So this show seemed very relevant to what I do at University .

e) iPhone or Android? iPhone all the way.

f) Facebook or Instagram? Facebook, I only created an Instagram account as a birthday present for my friend’s 21st

g) Views about the new UniHall app? I just got it and I honestly think it’s brilliant. The weekly menu saves me a lot effort. Also, the events calendar helps me advertise Academic Team events.

h) Secret hiding location at UniHall? Little study room next to library, facing the lower quad.

i) The sneakiest thing you’ve done at UniHall? I switched the name tag on my door with a friend. We’ve tricked a minimum of six friends because of this, leaving them knocking on the wrong door where no one would answer!

j) What’s your favorite food? Anything with matcha in it 🙂

k) Sweet or savory? Sweet!

l) Favourite dessert? Matcha icecream (laughs).

m) Dark chocolate or milk chocolate? Dark chocolate.

n) Coffee or tea? Tea, especially matcha tea!

o) Favourite solo artist or band? I’m obsessed with Ed Sheeran.

p) If you could sing a duet with anyone at UniHall, who would it be? Nisha.

q) Dogs or cats? Cats.

r) Best gift you’ve ever received (UniHall)? I think that my closest UniHall friends really understand me. They gifted me a very large sized yellow backpack that I had my eye on for a long time, which is useful for rural trips.

s) What country do you wish to visit? Italy, it’s very beautiful and has a rich history.

t) Best way to de-stress? Doing anything alone lets me recharge; like reading a book, sketching or practicing the guitar.

u) If you had one superpower, what would it be? Being invisible on demand.

v) What’s the weirdest word in the English language? Moist.

w) Who do you miss most? My biological mum living in China.

x) What are you listening to right now? Rockabye – I feel that instead of romance like most songs, it’s about maternal love towards a baby. I’m feeling extra homesick these days so fits in with my mood.

y) Three people at UniHall you would like to have dinner with? Stuart (he gives a brilliant vibe), Mr Goto (he upholds so many Japanese traditions and customs, and he’s always so polite and humble, I really want to get to know more about him) and Jim, our ResClub president (I’ve seen him around but I haven’t had the chance to talk to him at all. I’m interested in getting to know a little about him).

And finally

z) What would be the title of your autobiography? The correct way to fail


Written by UniHall Reporter, Simran Bhalla

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