23 Jun

The committee hit the ground running and started to plan for Semester one OWeek activities two months ahead of time.

2016 kicked off in one of the best ways possible for the freshers. On arrival, they received their first college shirt, the fresher shirt, designed by our publication and communications officer and what I’d like to say is one of the best fresher packs yet with many goodies inside.

OWeek was full on with activities such as; Bounce, laser tag, café crawl and the Fremantle Prison Torch Light Tour. All of which were aimed at allowing residents to meet one another and form new friendships before university kicked in. To top that off, the freshers had a taste of victory in their first inter-college win at the fresher dance competition. WELL DONE! We are proud of all of you! If you haven’t seen it yet, check out the video on the University Hall MGP-UWA-College Row_Fresher Dance-Feb 2016 134Residents’ Club Facebook Page.

The first ResClub event organised was ‘Under the Sea’ themed and held at the Raffles Hotel Perth – it was a great way to kick off the year. This event was followed by an even more successful River Cruise which sold out in a record breaking 30 hours and 10 minutes from the opening of ticket sales.

In the inter college events, we just took out second place in the LipDub competition! A big project in the works for 2016 is developing a UniHall mascot – one that we can relate to and rally behind.

ResClub this year has also looked towards collaboration with ResLife and the RAs in events such as the Easter egg hunt, Game of Thrones Screenings and Anzac Day. We are both aiming for the same goals and together we can make a great event even greater.

The successes of ResClub this year would not happen without its members which is every UniHaller out there. On behalf of the committee I’d like to thank each and every one of you for supporting us. 2016 has only just started and ResClub is looking to go above and beyond this year and raise the bar to a whole new level. There are plenty of amazing events to come and the committee are just ecstatic to start on the next great event, big and small. STAY TUNED!

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