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University Hall (UniHall) is owned and operated by The University of Western Australia (UWA) and gives you an excellent opportunity to take advantage of UWA’s resources and facilities. The Hall is located opposite UWA, the beautiful Matilda Bay and Kings Park, plus we are only a short bus ride into the Perth City, beaches and entertainment areas.

Over 750 UWA students live, socialise and study at the Hall making it a fun and exciting collegial community. UniHall offers exceptional and unique academic, community and leadership programs for students to make the most of their UWA experience.

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University Hall is filled with a vibrant and dynamic community with students travelling from all of Western Australia, Australia and the globe to live at the Hall.

Our supportive community opens new doors for residents to explore different cultures and to build a network of valuable life-long friends.

UniHall continues to enjoy a positive and healthy relationship with UWA Sports and through our links we are able to offer exciting opportunities on top of a UWA gym membership given to all residents.



University Hall (previously named Currie Hall) was founded in 1946 as the University Hostel, having been established in buildings that had previously been used as the Bachelor Officers’ Quarters by the American Navy during World War II.

The Hall is named after Sir George Currie, the second Vice-Chancellor of UWA and patron of the Men’s Club that administered the University Hostel. The character of University Hall reflects the mature attitudes of the original ex-servicemen and women, who prevented elitism and provided equality of membership. The early traditions of individualism of The Hall and student participation in Hall activities and events have been retained today, with an active student-elected Residents’ Club Committee and open feedback lines between the Principal and the residents.

There were major changes at the Hall between 1966- 1974 with the construction of C, D and E Houses and a new amenities block. This building program catered for a total of 231 rooms and allowed men and women to live alongside each other for the first time.

The next major stage in University Hall’s history occured in 2011- 2012 when 500 rooms were built on the current site. 132 One Bedroom Apartments and 369 Studio Rooms were built, fully equipped with kitchens and bathrooms, allowing for fully self-catered living. The new development also meant additional new common spaces such as a games room, two music rooms, art room, multiple computer labs etc, which are accessible by all residents.


Hello and welcome to University Hall!

We are one of Australia’s largest residential colleges with an astonishing diversity of students of all ages who study a full range of degrees from Bachelor to PhD. Uniquely, we have students who only study at The University of Western Australia (UWA) and wonderfully, come to live here from over 50 countries throughout the world. University Hall is truly a community of cultural acceptance and interaction.

Here, you will be immersed into a most vibrant and dynamic living and learning community where you will have the opportunity to enjoy an exceptional collegiate experience. You will be able to engage in your academic studies with much support through individual and shared study spaces, peer collaboration and mentoring. This will be coupled with many social and community programs which allow you to develop strong friendships with students from all over the world and provide you with the opportunity to share your hobbies and interests.

We have a strong safety net of support available to residents with six staff who live on site including our Residential Life staff members as well as a Residential Advisor assigned to each accommodation floor ensuring direct support for each resident. The extended University Hall Team includes a Deputy Principal, three Residential Life Coordinators, three Lead Residential Advisors, twenty six floor Residential Advisors, a student driven Academic Support and IT team and professional staff members who work in areas of student welfare, admissions, facility management, marketing, communication and catering. The Residential Life team organise many exceptional programs for residents to grow and develop as individuals and soon-to-be professionals.

Furthermore, each year residents elect their own representative Residents’ Club Committee and this group organises a multitude of social activities for residents. The Residents’ Club work together with the common goal of making your University Hall experience one you will remember for the rest of your life.

Into our 71st year, University Hall’s history began in 1942 when UWA lent the land to the US navy for use as a wartime officers’ base. After the war, UWA saw an opportunity to use the land and existing buildings for student accommodation and in 1946 the University Hostel opened with a very diverse student population. In 1961, the Hostel became Currie Hall, operating more closely with the University in its management and operations. In 2013, Currie Hall was renamed University Hall and we opened the new J, K and L Houses which wrapped around the historical ‘heart’ of Currie Hall. Our population grew from 250 to 750 residents and we continue to establish our own new chapters in the ‘UniHall’ story.

We are here to be the most supportive stand-in family a UWA student can wish to have. We pride ourselves on the level of personal support and care we provide. The academic and social development of our residents is a priority so that each resident is best prepared to leave UWA as career aspirants and leaders of purposeful lives.

I look forward to seeing you at University Hall.

Mark Sampson


Volley Ball on Cottesloe BeachPerth is Australia’s fourth- largest city and is the capital of the thriving state of Western Australia. Voted as one of the world’s most liveable cities, Perth enjoys a climate and lifestyle that is envied by many. The Mediterranean climate with warm dry summers is ideal for sports and outdoor activities such as golf, tennis, sailing, swimming and windsurfing.

The city has an enviable standard of living, and has been consistently voted one of the top ten cities in which to live by the The Economist as well as being ranked 25th in the inaugural Best Student Cities Ranking released by QS Top Universities. Perth has Australia’s most internationally diverse student community.

Perth offers a seamless combination of urban sophistication and international flavour. With the population of Western Australia growing at twice that of the national average and the State experiencing the lowest unemployment rate of all the states and territories, Perth attracts more migrants from overseas and other states than any other area in Australia.


Perth’s public transport system makes it easy to get around the city. International students receive a West Australian Government-sponsored 40 per cent discount on all public transport.

A major bus stop is located right outside University Hall. Buses regularly run between UWA and the City.


Permit Parking

Residents need to apply for parking by registering their interest at the ResLife Office.

Upon application, new residents are placed on a waiting list until a car bay becomes available. Priority for car bays is given to returning residents, regional students and those who have special needs. However we are not able to guarantee parking as we have a limited number of bays.

UniHallers who are successful in receiving a  car bay are required to pay the annual fee in full before a permit is issued.

External car bay
$375 per year

Undercover car bay
$450 per year

Your University Hall parking permit must be displayed at all times. Parking is not transferable.

Visitor Parking

There are eleven bays for visitor parking, as well as four bays for 30 minute parking and one universal access car bay.

All visitors who are parking at University Hall must visit the University Hall main reception to collect a parking


Bicycles are a popular form of transport around UWA. They provide a quick means of getting from one end of campus to another. At University Hall we have a large bike shed and bike racks situated around the Hall to provide residents with secure storage for their bikes. Residents must report to the ResLife office to get a bike permit (which must be on display on the bike at all times) and to get their key coded for access.

We recommend you have a secure heavy duty bike chain for securing your bike within the bike shed or on the many racks around both University Hall and the University. Please also ensure that your bike is tagged with your details.

Bicycle helmets must be worn at all times while cycling, including on campus.


The benefit of living at UniHall is the convenient central location, for a map of the Hall itself click here and to see the surrounding student hot spots click here.