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    PROSH Breakfast at UniHall

    22 March 2017

    4:30 am - 5:30 am

    Many UniHallers volunteer their time to be involved in the important charity fundraising event PROSH. When celebrated well it is a positive and fun part of student life!

    UniHall Staff will host a BBQ breakfast for all of our volunteers at UniHall. Bacon and egg muffins will be the go plus a coffee van in Lower Quad will serve free coffee from 3.30am – 4.30am.

     Event Details

    Date Wed 22 March
    Time 4.30am
    Location Lower Quad

    UWA and UniHall with your Residential Advisor’s and ResClub are very clear in our messages around how PROSH should be enjoyed responsibly. Within UniHall it’s important for those celebrating to be aware that excessive noise and/or intoxication are not appropriate accompaniments to the event – either the evening before or the morning of PROSH.

    We hope that our residents have fun and enjoy the festivities while helping raise money for various charities.

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