14 Apr

At 5am on Wednesday 1st April 2015, some of our fellow UniHall residents joined the PROSH parade. These, possibly crazy, volunteers met on the Oak Lawn at The University of Western Australia to collect their bundle of newspapers to begin distributing PROSH to Perth metro areas.

UniHall residents thoroughly enjoy immersing themselves in University culture. PROSH is one of the oldest and noblest traditions of UWA and is a fantastic way for students to express their creativity.

Students volunteer their time to create and edit a collection of tongue in cheek pieces that comment on current affairs, advertising and brand marketing through various comedic opinion pieces.

“PROSH is an important part of student life at UWA. We write the paper, edit the paper, promote and plan the event, and then get out there and sell PROSH in the early hours of the morning, to give something back to some really amazing charities. PROSH is irreverent, provocative, political and ridiculous, and we wouldn’t have it any other way,” Student Guild President Lizzy said.

Students decked out in fancy dress costumes they had bought, hired and/or handmade strolled through UniHall collecting coins in their donation tins.
The money raised for this year will be donated towards three charities; Youth Future, Diabetes WA and Teach Learn Grow Inc.

2015 PROSH co-Director Matt Clark-Massera said, “PROSH is made possible by thousands of volunteers contributing their free time around classes, work and other activities. Everyone from our organisers and writers, to all the people rattling tins donate their time to make this event possible and raise money for charity.”

Students left to right: Sinai Wright (B House), Caeleb Simkin (B House), Michael Taylor (L House) and Freya Crozier (B House).





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