An active and fun packed initiative to maintain a student’s health and well being while living and studying at UWA. 

These activities present an opportunity for a resident to take on a senior leadership role to coordinate and sporting, social and wellbeing activities for the Hall. With the support of the Residential Life team residents can put their hand up to get involved at any time.

Some highlights from the program include:

Social Engagement

UniHall has a welcoming and vibrant atmosphere with unlimited possibilities for students to participate in social events to build lifelong friendships.


There is plenty of thriving sporting talent at UniHall. Residents become involved in a number of sports which are played in the Hall courtyards, basketball courts and with the UWA sport facilities.

Well-being events

Keeping a healthy mind and body is important for residents to continue to excel in their studies. These events are student driven and aim for students to be more self-aware of their needs plus the needs of their friends and Hall community.