27 Mar

Balloons, music, friends, frogs and more importantly paint. What else do you need to have a good night? It all started in the university hall quad with the Resident Club setting up a tarp to paint ourselves using spray cans and other sources of paints with the theme based on the Holi Festival. You betcha if there was a way to put paint on someone, we thought of it. The only thing missing was a water slide to cover ourselves with the excess of paint on the tarp. Instead a few residents found themselves rolled up or doing paint angels.

Soon it was time to leave the quad and make our way down to the Tav. The trip was epic with people already dancing and singing so if that was any indication, it was gearing up to be a spectacular night. Next was a long walk with the hundred odd balloons scattered on the floor around the Tav. Of course you can see where this is going with so many balloons. That’s right, POP! A few seconds later: POP! POP! In about 30 minutes, the bouncers had the balloons on their threatened object lists (similar to the threatened species list for those international students). More than likely because they were sick of the explosive air exiting out of them.

Outside was a more chilled environment to say the least. Chants and drinking songs were underway. The Red Frogs crew were handing out frogs and donuts which kept everyone happy with sugar highs. The DJs were from the Miami Glow party and those were attended knew the music was going to be good. Once everyone was comfortable with themselves, the lights went down and the music cranked thus allowing people to dance with confidence. Large circles developed enabling people to push others into the middle to be the centre of attention and dance away before the overwhelming sense of embarrassment forced them out and nominate the next person. It is safe to say we danced the night away.

Soon it was 12 am, the lights went on and the bouncers pointed towards the door. While it was a good night, it would have been better if more people attended. However for $2 a ticket, it was definitely worth it. A big thumbs up goes out to to the ResClub crew for putting on an amazing event and more importantly a special mention must be given to the cleaners of the toilet. Seriously, paint was everywhere!

Aaron Fordham

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