17 Oct

On Thursday the 17th Oct 2013  we saw the last semester dinner of University hall, International Night!! International night has been a tradition at the Hall for years, but this was it’s first year as University Hall.

The theme was Venetian Masquerade, and what an effort all my fellow Hallers made to come dressed in masks!

The Dining Hall had amazing decorations as usual, and a stage was put up in the centre of the room for the performances and haller awards to be given out later in the evening. The night kicked off with a dance performance by Michelle Chern.

Many hallers were game to wear masks and everyone look great all dressed up! The entertainment for the night continued with two acoustic performances by Devyn Jackamarra who performed Fast Car and Shadrina Denaya who sang Landslide.

The night continued on with everyone dancing to great music by a DJ and also had a photobooth to further take more photos for memories!!

Overall, everyone had a great night of drinks, dancing, entertainment and great company!!

Thanks to Anubhav for allowing us to use his photos!

I really look forward to next year’s formal dinners.


Louisa Ong

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