16 Mar

Someone asked me “Why don’t you get an English name?” I answered “Don’t you know what Son stands for? Be smart, be original, be noble and be Son.”

I grew up in Saigon, Vietnam. The city which you can see motorbikes almost everywhere. The city which you can enjoy various types of food from different cultures without paying more than $10. The city which is always busy and crowded. The city I love the most. The city I called home. I never thought that I would leave this place.


At the age of fifteen, I wanted to expand my horizons and explore new culture. I came to Perth in July 2012. I was filled with excitement. Everything became new for me. I had no idea what would happen. All I had was my courage, confidence and determination. It was tough for me to adapt to new lifestyle. Fortunately, I made friends, good friends. They helped me with everything, the tiniest things. I still remember how they made fun of my English so I would improve my pronunciation. After graduation, most of them are now in university or working. We still have some gathering dinners every now and then. With me, they are not only my friends but also my second family, my brothers.


February 2016, I received the offer from The University of Western Australia. My family and I were overwhelmed with happiness and joy. My dream came true.

April 2016, I went to University Hall, where I met many awesome people with great personalities. Finally, I have found the place where I belong. The story starts here. From here, my journey will unfold.

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