18 May

I have always enjoyed Fun Runs since the time I started college. I had great memories running City 2 Surf for the three previous years. They have always offered me the opportunity to better myself, having something to aim and train for. Even more valuable, was the chance to experience something epic with friends and make many more along the way through training. So when HBF Run for a Reason came around, I was keen to participate and organize something for UniHall.

A month before the event, a close family friend passed away from breast cancer which affected me a lot. I wanted to dedicate my run to her. Cancer touches everyone’s lives and affects us all in some way, as we have all lost close friends and family members. So our Run team’s purpose was born. At first it was just me on the team page, which looked really sad so I bullied a couple of my friends into joining me. After I sent emails and messages out to the rest of the Hall asking for involvement, the response was astonishing. We ended up with 71 runners, which is almost 10% of our college’s population.

I saw the emergence of great leadership and community building in the lead up to the event. Anubhav organized a movie night and proceeds from it went to our fundraising (over $200). Many people who could not run but wanted to help also assisted in it. Other residents put up their hand to get involved in other ways- such as organizing training runs and the design of our team shirt (Thanks Kevin!)

Josh Tussler, Resident Advisor and Organiser

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