05 Nov

The dinner for Currie Hall’s Class of 2012 was held on the 2nd of November 2012 at the University Club Private Dining Room.

Graduation is always a bittersweet moment. Bitter, because it is a time where we strangers-turned-friends part ways but sweet because it is a time for rekindling of old bonds.

Before I start to let you in on the proceedings of the dinner itself, I was hoping that you would oblige me with the chance to say a few words about Currie Hall.

Currie Hall has been my place of residence in Perth for the last 2 years. I will always feel a sense of emotional belonging to, what now feels like, my second home. In more ways than one, I suppose Currie Hall has been my Home away from Home.  If there were any things that I’m taking away from my short stay here would be the many friendships from a myriad of nationalities and backgrounds that have been forged here. The memories of the moments we shared and the copious amounts of laughter our conversations have brought will forever be ingrained in mind.

Arriving at the University Club, we were somewhat unsure of where the dinner was to be held until the Janet gestured to us to head up to the second floor where the private dining hall is located.

The pre-dinner was fun, to say the least. Catching up with one another with a glass of sparkling champagne in hand, the worry of the oncoming exams was cast aside for the time being.

With everyone gathered, everyone took their seats but not before Janet, our Deputy Principal, made it a point that there has to be an alternating of sexes when it came to the seating arrangement.

A few shifts here and there and dinner finally got underway.  Both Chris and Janet said words of reminisce and encouragement to the graduating students.

Dinner was a fairly formal event, with white linen laid across a fairly large rectangular table.

The dinner itself was surprisingly good; special mention went to the saffron risotto, which was cooked, beautifully al-dente with a hint of truffle oil. The other appetizer option was a serving the ubiquitous cream of cauliflower soup.

When it came to the main courses, there was a choice of the Grilled Market Fresh Fish Fillet and the Roasted Mount Barker Free Range Chicken. The latter definitely won hands down with his fork-tender meat and flavourful reduction. The Charred chorizo lent the dish a savoury element which complemented the chicken perfectly.

Before the Panna cotta dessert or cheese platter was served, there was again, another Janet-induced movement of chairs, all in the name of being able to mingle with the fellow graduates.

With that, on a bittersweet tone, I bid adieu to all of you and all the best in your examinations.  Class of 2012, in the words of Francois Rabelais, let us all “go to seek a Great Perhaps.”

Glenn Lee

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