27 Oct

On the 23rd of October, Unihall had its last global cafe for 2013.  For the final Global Cafe Unihall resident David Moussa did amazing presentation about Egypt. He was aided by other Unihall residents Krista Le Somerfield, Jeremy Tan, and Monika Siekelova.

The 70 residents in attendance were taught about Egypt’s history and culture, the Nile River, hieroglyphics, and odd facts just as the fact the Egypt didn’t exist as a country for 3 years. The presentation also focused on modern Egypt and some of the social problems that plague the country.

In keeping with the Egyptian theme the dining hall put on an Egyptian themed dinner that was finished off with the dessert called Baklava, which is a rich, sweet multi-layered filo pastry topped with chopped pistachios.

It was a fantastic end to the popular global cafe program.  Hope you have a good rest of the year and hopefully see some of you next year.

Erin Dikstaal

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