28 Mar

Keen to see firsthand all the changes that have transpired recent Alumni Danielle Hay, Ilena Grecan, Stevie Hallett and Ankit Asaporta recently returned to the Hall for dinner and a tour.
Danielle had heard from current residents how the Hall had improved in particular the catering and approached Deputy Principal Janet Linn seeking the opportunity to visit.
All of the recent Alumni were impressed with the changes that had happened in a relatively short time. Ankit described it as though ‘his mind was playing tricks on him’, trying to recall the old Blue Room Building and reconcile it with what is there now.
Danielle was particularly impressed with how sociable the environment was, sharing that she felt that the ‘efforts to maintain the community seem to be working well’. However the most marked difference noted by the Alumni was in the improvement in the food and dining experience. Alumni are welcome to visit the Hall for more information contact Marie Knights at marie.knights@uwa.edu.au.

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